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Local Muslims Call for Osama bin Laden Photo Release

11:51 AM, May 4, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- As the news of Osama bin Laden's death spread, the local Islamic Community Center released a statement in support of the United States government.

"I don't think this is the close of the book, but at least this page has been finished," said Joe Bradford, Imam and Scholar at the Northeast Florida Islamic Center.

The final chapter in the story, however, has yet to be seen.

The photographs taken of Osama bin Laden after his death have yet to be released.

Some questioned if they would be offensive or incendiary to the public, specifically the Muslim community.

"In this instance, use of any photographs for identification purposes would be completely fine under Islamic Law," said Bradford.

He said in this instance showing the physical proof is not only fine, it is critical.

"I think it's necessary, and in cases of necessity, even things that can sometimes be objectionable can be allowed for purposes of meeting that necessity, and actual knowledge of what happened," said Bradford.

As details continue to be released about Osama bin Laden's take-down, Bradford said the photographs will help put an end to some questions Americans have about the incident.

"In this case, in this situation, there is ambiguity as to how the body was handled and what happened, and people are doubting whether or not the body actually was retrieved," said Bradford.

But Bradford cautions that no one can gauge the reaction of the public after the photographs are released.

"You really can't control what an individual will do. But I'm sure the American government will take all precautions to ensure that it's under their own control," said Bradford.

The Director of the CIA said that he assumes at least one photograph of bin Laden will be released "eventually".










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