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City of Jacksonville Disciplines Employee for Working Second Job

7:29 PM, Jun 4, 2012   |    comments
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 PDF Document: Michael Martin Disciplinary Action Written Reprimand
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  • JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In a follow up to a story First Coast News reported in February, the City of Jacksonville has issued a written reprimand to one of it's employees, Mike Martin.

    First Coast News discovered earlier this year that Martin, a Worker's Compensation Specialist employed by the City of Jacksonville, was working a secondary job as a consultant for Volusia County, while on the clock for COJ.

    Martin worked for Volusia for about three months.

    Volusia County spokesman Dave Byron confirms Mike Martin was hired by Volusia as a consultant in September 2011.

    His last day was Dec. 7, 2011, after the City of Jacksonville told Martin to stop the work. 

    Volusia County records obtained by First Coast News reveal that Martin sent 741 emails in that time, many sent during the hours that Martin's timesheets show him clocked in and working for COJ.

    According to Volusia County, Martin turned in 277 invoices for work and was paid more than $10,000.

    In the disciplinary action letter issued to Martin, he was found to have violated the City of Jacksonville's Civil Service and Personnel Rules and Regulations, Rule 9.05(1).

    Martin failed, according to the City, to follow a lawful official regulation or order or proper directive made and given by a superior officer. 

    COJ also determined that Martin was inefficient in the performance of his duties when he continued to spend COJ time on risk management communications with Volusia County, after he was directed to end his secondary employment with Volusia.



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