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Is that you? Photos from FCN's early days

11:46 PM, Nov 13, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It all started while cleaning out an old office at the station.

We found some station photos from the late '50s and '60s. Of what? Well, it certainly seemed like a great time.

Every photo tells a story. In this situation, we need someone to tell that story, and I think I've got another picture to help me with that.

We consulted the First Coast News employment picture board, organized by years of service.

0-4 years? No.

20 plus years? Getting there.

Look up at the 40 plus years of experience category. Now we're talking.

Sales manager Ken LeSesne has been here 40 years.
And has the photo to prove it.

"1972, the year I started to work here" LeSesne said.

He worked as a stage hand when he started here.

"Great stuff ... Absolutely great stuff," he said.

He liked the pictures. The one central character in these shots

Ed McCullers, also known as Skipper Ed.

"He was the stuff ... You know what I'm saying?" LeSesne said.

Skipper Ed hosted several shows here. Today in Jacksonville was one. Celebrity guests like Anthony Perkins visited.

But perhaps the most memorable show Skipper Ed hosted was Popeye and Friends.

"What a great time. Most television was live," LeSesne said.

A variety show with its share of YouTube moments ... Sadly, before YouTube.

"We used to have live animals in here ... " LeSesne said.

He said chimps and even a tiger managed to get loose in the studio once.

"I was out the door man ... Hahahaha."

The show also featured live musical acts, which always performed in front of an audience of kids. Kinda like The Voice, made locally.

"There's no such thing as a new idea, huh?"

"That's correct, only old ideas that are reinvented," LeSesne said.

Hundreds and hundreds of kids marched through this show. Local musicians and entertainers. Each with their own story to be told out of these photographs.

Take a look ... Do you recognize yourself? Let us know.

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