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John Delaney's DNA ancestry results

7:18 PM, Nov 20, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A few weeks ago, we started John Delaney on a journey to track down his DNA ancestry. The former mayor of Jacksonville and current President of UNF already knew a lot about his family history.

"I should be at least a quarter Irish, a quarter Dutch, a quarter Danish and a quarter English," said Delaney. He can trace his family back to Ireland and Denmark in the 1800s. But, prior to that it's kind of a genetic mystery.

So, in late October John Delaney agreed to take a DNA Ancestry test through ArcPoint Labs.

"These markers are alleles from your mother and your father," said Jean Ginn of ArcPoint Labs. She tested Delaney's DNA by taking a simple mouth swab. And, a few weeks later we know the results.

"That's a shock," said Delaney after looking at the study. What was surprising to him was a connection to Portugal. "My mom's grandmother was the real mix. She had some relative from Corsica who may have been tied to Napolean," Delaney explains.

Other than that, most of the information was pretty much what he knew already. "Pretty high up there, Germany, Ireland and Denmark," said Delaney.

The testing also showed a possible migration movement across the world, with most of the his family concentrated in Eastern Europe at one point.

This type of DNA Ancestry testing (autosomal) is gaining in popularity across the country. John Yates of DNA Consultants, who conducted Delaney's actual test, said that about 1.5 million people have requested this type of testing. Unlike prior testing, which only could trace your father's ancestry, this testing can track both parents' genetic history.

The cost for the DNA Ancestry testing can run from $150 to $500 dollars. For more information, just click here.

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