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GOP Mayoral Candidate Mike Hogan Stops in Eureka Gardens

5:56 PM, May 1, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Residents of Eureka Gardens Apartments said they need help from city hall in their neighborhood.

"A lot of murders, a lot of violence, my nerves are wrecked," said Monalisa Arnold, a resident at Eureka Gardens.

Having lived there for just over a year, she has reached out to city hall trying to get help for her neighborhood.

"I keep calling the mayor's office.  I keep calling everywhere trying to get some help.  I wrote letters to the mayor," said Arnold.

Listening to her concerns, Republican Mayoral Candidate Mike Hogan told her every constituent will get a response if he's elected.

"If you have a heart for the community, you should be in the community," said Hogan.

The walk-through of the area was Hogan's first; arranged by his Urban Affairs Consultant, Pastor Kenneth Adkins. 

Spending over an hour in the public housing complex, many of the residents had no idea who Mike Hogan was, which is why Adkins said he brought him there.

"I think that shares with you part of the disconnect. That's why we're here. That's why we're going neighborhood to neighborhood," said Adkins.  

It's one of six walk-throughs that Hogan has planned for the remaining two weeks of his campaign.  Though if elected, he claimed he'll be back.

"The mayor needs to get out of the Ivory Tower and into the community."

The group touring Eureka Gardens challenged Hogan to get even more involved in the community, asking if he would be willing to personally show up at every murder scene if he's elected mayor.

"I would be perfectly willing to do that, it is very acceptable to me, yes," said Hogan.

Hogan stipulated to the group that he would first have to check with the District Attorney's office and the Sheriff to make sure it was okay with them.

Democratic Candidate Alvin Brown did not return calls for comment on this story.

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