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UNF Tuition Rising 15 Percent in the Fall

10:14 PM, Jun 3, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- UNF will raise tuition 15 percent in the fall for undergraduate and graduate students.

The University of North Florida is joining other state universities that are hiking tuition. The Legislature authorized 7 percent hikes, although each school's Board of Trustees could go as high as 15 percent.

"No student has come in and thanked us for this," said Tom Serwatka, UNF vice president. "Students who have paid attention know why. They don't want to pay more, but they understand why it is happening."

It is happening because of Florida's poor economy, and to keep quality education at UNF, then tuition hikes are the answer.

Timothy Runac, an incoming freshman, thinks it is fair. But junior David Brangaccio thinks 5 percent would be better, not 15.

"I think that's a little much" said Brangaccio. " I think they could do well with five per cent. I would like to see some better concerts on campus but 15 per cent is a little too much for me."

Joe White is sending his daughter to UNF next fall.

"It seems like it goes up 15 percent every year. When is tuition going to stop rising? I understand universities are a business, but they are going to price themselves out of business"

UNF officials said UNF is still a good buy despite the increase, as the state still pays a significant part of the cost. Serwatka said a year at UNF is no more than what you would pay at a private preschool. 

The university won't have any trouble filling the 5,000 spots for new students next year, they will have plenty of applicants.

16,500 students currently attend UNF.

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