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Clay County Residents Complain of Foreclosure Eyesore

10:31 AM, Jul 27, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In the Royal Pointe subdivision most of the homes are immaculate and they all have curb appeal.

Except one. 

"I've got weeds coming out from under and from over the fence," said Robert Van Steen.

Van Steen moved into the neighborhood in 2008 and believes in maintaining their property. But he lives next to the community nuisance, a vacant house that is reportedly in foreclosure.

"The weeds are higher than the fence and somewhere down there I've got animals coming out at night," he said. "I've been around to the county, I've been to the bank, they don't want to do anything."

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The bank, according to court records, is GMAC Mortgage. There is a sign on the property with a contact number for a service company but Van Steen said that has not helped.

"It is an eyesore somebody has got to be taking care of it," he said.

Van Steen said his landscape contractor cleaned up the property once, and so have others in his neighborhood. But while this overgrown lot is a community nuisance, the upkeep of the property should not be a community concern, he said.

"Cut it down that's all. I mean, we came here for a decent area," he added.

The ultimate responsibly of the property is with the lender, but because the mortgage foreclosure crisis produced so many empty properties, some communities are stuck with an eyesore.

The lender has not responded. A representative with the service, Core Logic Services , said they will notify the lender and see if it will issue a work order.

Clay County Code Enforcement will not get involved, according to its posted policy.

"Cases where the home is under foreclosure or bankruptcy or is otherwise owned by a bank will not be pursued because of the difficulty and resources required to get the bank to address any issues that need to be corrected.

Nassau, St. Johns and Duval code enforcement offices issue citations. Duval County code enforcement will issue citations to the owner of record and if there is no clean up, the property will be cleaned and a lien will be placed on the title. 


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