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Miranda Wilkerson Family Plans to File Custody Appeal

9:46 PM, Jul 28, 2011   |    comments
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BAKER COUNTY, Fla. --  It's been two weeks since Miranda Wilkerson was placed with a registered sex offender.

The child's family members said today they are not giving up hope, in fact they believe they are gaining momentum in the quest to get the 4-year-old back.

"It's been extremely emotional. We had her birthday, she wasn't there. We can't call her. We've called, there's been no answer. There's been no return phone calls, and we call about twice a day," said Rebecca Graves, Miranda's aunt.

Graves is on a mission to get her sister's daughter back home.  Miranda's mom was killed in a car accident when Miranda was 1- month-old.

At the time of Miranda's birth, her mother was married to Donald Coleman, a registered sex offender.  The law in Florida said because the two were married, Coleman is Miranda's legal father.

The family said Coleman is not Miranda's biological dad and they have the DNA tests to prove it. He became a sex offender when he had sex with Miranda's mother when she was underage.

"It's getting really, really hard not to just let your emotions take control of the situation," said Graves.

Every day she wears a shirt with Miranda's picture on it and she  continues to protest daily in front of the Baker County courthouse, hoping it brings change.

Local lawmakers said they plan to meet soon to discuss changing the law that handed Miranda over to a man she hardly knows.

"It will save other children as well. It could keep a lot of other children safe as well as Miranda," said Graves.

She said the battle is about to start again in court as family members appeal the judge's decision.  "There's a motion that has to be filed before the appeal can be filed...that's gonna be filed in the next week," said Graves.

Miranda's family and her biological dad, James Wilkerson, are working together to bring her back home with her mother's family. She lived with her grandmother until earlier this month.

Miranda's biological dad is also planning to file motions next week to get his daughter back.




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