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Former JSO Officer Arrested, Charged With DUI

10:44 PM, Aug 8, 2011   |    comments
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Video: SA's Office Assessing if Officer DUI will Affect Other Cases

Surveillance Video from Dec. 2009 Appears to Show Officer Jackson Hitting Man in Face

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  A former JSO officer has been arrested and charged with DUI.

Former officer Ronald Jackson spent a night in the Duval County Jail over the weekend after he was pulled over on Riverside Avenue just before 10 Friday night.

According to police reports, he was visibly drunk, and had hit two cars and a fence. Reports show as an officer attempted to pull him over, he ran up on a curb and parked the vehicle at an  angle in the travel lane. 

Arresting officers said Jackson was visibly drunk and reportedly kept stating that he was "sorry" and that he "f***ed" up.

Jackson began working at the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office in April 1999 but was fired as of July 22, 2011. He has a long list of complaints against him dating back to 2000.

He was "disciplined many times because of his conduct," said attorney Michael Roberts.

The state attorney's office said they are assessing how Jackson's charges could impact their other DUI cases.

Richard Kuritz, a DUI defense attorney, said while the cases pending are in the most jeopardy, Jackson's arrest may not affect the cases at all.

"If he resolves it quickly then it would not compromise some of the cases that are pending now," Kuritz said. "You can only find out did they have a felony conviction or any convictions for crimes involving dishonesty. Those are the only things you can ask. You can't ask, 'Well, didn't you get arrested once too?' or 'Didn't you get a DUI once also?'"

Roberts said besides this recent arrest, there's also more questionable actions in Jackson's background while he was employed with JSO.
"There are multiple complaints in the record of excessive force, not following police protocol," said Roberts.

There are also complaints of harassment.

Roberts showed us video of one incident. "As (a suspect) was being processed downtown, Officer Jackson, unprovoked, struck him in the face," said Roberts.

Video taken in the Duval County jail Sallyport area in December 2009 shows Roberts' client being hit in the face by an officer identified as Jackson. The man was arrested for DUI.

"It doesn't appear that there's any sort of argument going on," said Roberts.   

It was a fellow JSO officer that questioned whether the incident was unnecessary force and reported it to Internal Affairs.
Roberts said his office is in the process of filing a lawsuit against the city of Jacksonville for Jackson's alleged assault and the city's alleged negligent supervision and retention of an officer.
"The allegation being that they knew or should have known Officer Jackson was a problem (based on previous documented complaints)," said Roberts.

Jackson, whose picture wasn't released since he's a former officer, now has more legal troubles with this recent DUI.

"Although DUI is a serious crime, assault and battery on citizens is, I think, probably a more pernicious crime," said Roberts.

JSO has released a 23-page Internal Affairs report, which  report details a January 2011 incident where Jackson is accused of being belligerent toward fellow officers in training academy.

Last month, those accusations of unbecoming conduct and failure to obey orders were sustained by Internal Affairs. So far, it has not been possible to reach Jackson for comment.

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