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'Polite and Cooperative' Casey Anthony Says She'll do Well on Probation

5:18 PM, Aug 25, 2011   |    comments
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Casey Anthony said she intends to do well on her probation sentence for check fraud.

That's what she told her new probation officer on Wednesday night when she reported for the first time to a probation office somewhere in Florida around 6 p.m.

The Florida Department of Corrections is keeping the location secret, as well as the name of the probation officer, because of death threats against Anthony.

Spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger says the department is simply following a judge's order to keep Anthony's probation file confidential to prevent her location from being discovered.

"What the court said was they wanted us to keep confidential any information that might lead to her location. So we're taking that seriously. The court made a pretty strong statement talking about the fact that she's one of the most hated women in American. We want to make sure that she is treated like other offenders in that if she violates these court orders, we will immediately notify the court. But we will take security measures in place as the court has laid out."

Plessinger said Anthony showed up at the probation office without her attorneys on Wednesday night. She immediately started serving her one-year probation sentence at that time.

She was convicted last year of stealing a checkbook from a friend and then writing bad checks.

Anthony will have to live in the same county where she reports for probation. She will be required to check in with her probation officer within the first five days of every month. Plus, a probation officer will make random checks of her residence.

Anthony's first probation visit lasted a little more than an hour Wednesday night, said Plessinger.

"The probation officer laid out for her in detail the conditions of the court. She understood those conditions. She told the probation officer that she intended to do well on probation. She was polite and cooperative."

Plessinger said the Corrections Department is treating Anthony like any other offender, but also working to follow the court's order for confidentiality.

She says such accommodations are "not unheard of."

"We do have some offenders, not many and I don't have the exact number, we do have some offenders whose probation is kept secret. Their location, their information is not entered into our database."

Anthony will face travel restrictions on probation. If she wants to travel outside her county, then she will have to get a travel permit from her probation officer.

Anthony has not asked to serve probation in another state, but she has that option. She could opt to file a petition under the interstate compact. Under that process, Florida would send a packet of information about Anthony's probation sentence to the other state and that state would have to accept her application.

Plessinger says people on probation are expected to get a job, but many of them attend school and that's OK. She says as long as an offender is looking for a job or working toward a career or job, then they are fulfilling the requirements of probation.

"Condition number 7 is that she will work diligently at a lawful occupation to the best of her ability as directed by the probation officer. We have thousands of offenders right now who are not employed. Some of those offenders are in school and as long as they are in school, that's all right. Some offenders are actively seeking a job. We work with each offender as we can to encourage them to look for employment, keep their options open."

Under the conditions of her probation, Anthony cannot have contact with the victim in the check fraud case, she must pay the state $20 a month for her supervision, she's barred from possessing a firearm, she cannot break any laws or use any intoxicants to excess.

Plessinger insists the Department of Corrections has not treated Casey Anthony any differently than other offenders.

"Because of the death threats against her and the court orders, we are taking security into consideration in this case certainly and we will not be disclosing the location or anything that might lead to the discovery of her location. But she will be treated like every other offender in that if she doesn't follow her court orders, we will immediately notify the court."

Corrections will be responsible for Anthony's security during her probation visits, but the agency will not escort her from her residence to the probation office.

The 25-year-old woman has returned to Florida to serve probation. Anthony's attorneys argued she had already served that sentence while she was in jail waiting to be tried on charges of murder, but an appeals court rejected that argument.

Anthony was acquitted of murder last month in the 2008 death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

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