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JSO Officer Michael Rolison Under Investigation for Drinking Before Traffic Crash

10:19 PM, Aug 25, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  JSO Officer Michael Rolison was seven miles from his St. John's County home according to the Florida Highway Patrol he veered into the other lane and hit a car.

The accident happened around 2 a.m. Wednesday at Greenbriar Road and County Road 210 in St. Johns County.

FHP investigators said there was beer spilled in Rolison's patrol car and there were open containers outside the JSO unit when investigators arrived.

"I believe if these allegations are correct, then this officer should do all of us a favor and go ahead and resign from the department," said Fraternal Order of Police president, Nelson Cuba.

Cuba said he has not spoken to Rolison, and the officer has not asked the FOP for help in his case. "We also will not, I will refuse to represent any officer if it's a criminal case not involving doing his job."

At Rolison's home on Thursday, a car was in front but no one answered the door.

The father of the 18-year-old Rolison is accused of crashing into had no comment and referred us to his attorney.  Curtis Fallgatter said his client, Joshua Carter, was on his way home from helping a girlfriend who ran out of gas.

Fallgatter said Carter is doing fine.  He is set to start FSU next week.  He said the family was concerned because, "You count on officers to protect us and not hurt us."

JSO is refusing to make any statements about the case until the investigation is complete.

"Hopefully, if this officer has an issue he needs to get help, said Cuba.

FHP said Rolison refused to take a blood alcohol test.  Because of that Rolison could have his license suspended for a year.

Cuba said he is aware of Rolison's past, including a suspension in June 2010. The 12-year veteran was suspended five days for violating JSO's drug policy.

According to a JSO internal affairs report, Rolison was accused of taking prescription pills from a burglary suspect.  Detectives didn't have enough evidence to support the claim.

But investigators did find Rolison was taking prescription pills that belonged to his wife, without notifying his supervisors he was using them, a violation of JSO policy.

Rolison's discipline history includes 13 complaints, with three written reprimands.

One reprimand, from June 2011, notes Rolison used his police car to go shopping at Publix in St. Johns County.  The reprimand said Rolison also left the keys in that car with the unit running.

Rolison was also referred to counseling three times for other issues, one of which included a traffic crash.


"When you have 12, 13 years on, there are going to be complaints filed against you. You end up having a lot of complaints that never generate into anything other than an information," said Cuba.

The FOP president said officers are always held accountable.  In fact, he said he's noticed a higher rate of officers being fired in the last year.

The main cause, Cuba said, was not telling the truth in an investigation.








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