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Casey Anthony is Undergoing Psychological Treatment

2:23 PM, Sep 16, 2011   |    comments
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    Casey Anthony Sentencing

    Casey Anthony Attorney Baez: 'I Saved a Life' Today | SLIDESHOW

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    After Casey Anthony was released from prison, her attorney, Jose Baez, said she would seek psychological treatment.

    Now, a source close to Anthony tells PEOPLE exclusively that the Florida woman has been seeing a grief counselor - and will soon start seeing a female psychiatrist.

    "She needs serious help," says the source. "We'll see what this counseling will do."

    Anthony has traveled extensively since her acquittal, but she is now back in Florida while she serves a one-year probation on a check fraud case.

    Baez, who did not immediately return calls for comment, previously said that Anthony needed treatment for the trauma of losing her child and her subsequent incarceration.


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