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Witness Had Doubts about Justin Barber's Story

7:05 PM, Jul 30, 2004   |    comments
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  • PALM COAST, FL -- A key witness in a murder mystery is talking about the face-to-face encounter with Justin Barber who is now charged with his wife's murder. "I'm slowing down to a yellow light and this guy pulls alongside of me. His window is down. I thought he was going to tell me my back tail light was out. He goes, 'Hey, call the police. Somebody shot me and my wife.'" It was the night of August, 17, 2002. Justin Barber had driven ten miles from the Guana State Park where his wife April was killed, to the intersection of JTB and A1A. It's there where Barber flagged down a man to ask for help. The witness, whose identity we're concealing, spoke exclusively with First Coast News. "He pulls into the media. I pull to the other side, run across two or three lanes of traffic, open up his car door and he's like "I've got to get to a hospital,'" said the witness. Investigators say Barber told them he had been shot four times when a man tried to rob he and his wife on the beach. April Barber was shot and killed. "First thing I notice is his wife is not in the car," said the witness. "I ask him, 'Where is your wife?' "I don't know," Barber responded. "She's on the beach." The witness said he asked Barber where on the beach. "I don't know, she's back on the beach somewhere. I got to get to the hospital," said Barber, according to the witness. The witness told First Coast News he flagged down another couple from Tennessee who, in turn, used their cell phone to call for help. But the witness told us he was always skeptical about Justin's story. "Marines don't even leave their people on the beach. It didn't look like he tried to drag her. There wasn't sand in the car," the man said. He's a witness in a murder mystery. A face to face encounter with Justin Barber who is now charged with his wife's murder. "She's a beautiful woman. It's sad something like this has to happen," he said.

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