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Dog Severely Burned by Heating Pad During Knee Surgery

9:05 AM, Oct 21, 2011   |    comments
  • Brian Cox and his dog Cosmo
  • Dead skin had to be cut off then stitched up where burn occurred
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JACKSONVILLE , Fla -- Brian Cox took his dog, Cosmo to the vet for knee surgery but he ended up with a severe football-sized, third- degree burn on his body resulting in numerous complications.

Cox lives on the Southside, and owns several dogs he describes as his children. He has no kids of his own.

Cox went to Pet Doctors on Beach Boulevard for the $1,600 knee surgery, but he said it turned disastrous when his pet was burned by a heating pad during the surgery. The burn was a third-degree burn and it ended up getting infected.

"All his skin rolled off; I could see the muscles, the tendons, nothing but raw flesh," said Cox. "It really shook me up to see how bad he was."

Cox said it never should have happened. "To see the burns, you would think you would be able to at least sense the heat come off of it and touch it, and say 'this is too hot'."

Cox is upset that he never heard from Pet Doctors checking up on Cosmo.

He had to call to arrange follow-up care and said they seemed uncaring.

"They weren't calling me to find out how he was doing... They seemed to not be very concerned." 

Veterinarian Kris Kane said she loves Cosmo, a dog she has treated for a long time. "He's an awesome dog. I was devastated when I saw the burn." 

Kane did the surgery and she said she is shocked by Cox's impression that they did not care.

"I am really surprised he said that. We scheduled many rechecks. I came in on my days off to make sure I was the one treating him," she said. "We took responsibility for the burn, we treated it, we got him healed and, of course, we did not charge for any treatment at all."

But Cox thinks Pet Doctors should have offered more after what happened, such as care for his other pets. He said he is considering legal action.

Kane is not worried about that, she said. "If you do everything right and you're honest, everything will work out well. I really don't think we did anything wrong."

The burns were caused by an electrical malfunction in the heating pad, she said. It was on prior to the surgery, then turned off during surgery but it apparently was still heating up, she said.

Doctors were not aware of it because the pad was covered and the dog was covered during surgery. They threw away the pad that day.

First Coast News checked with the state of Florida and no complaints have been filed against that Pet Doctors clinic.

First Coast News

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