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JSO Using Around 20 Cameras To Keep An Eye On Florida - Georgia Weekend

9:58 AM, Oct 29, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fl. -- If everything you did this weekend was on camera, would you still do it?  It's something you might want to think about if you're going to head downtown.  Before you get too crazy, remember, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is watching you with about 20 cameras in the sky.

"Some of them are located on different buildings. Some of them are located on the different intersections with the traffic lights," said Micheal Edwards, Director of Patrol and Enforcement for JSO.

Fran Morris is out enjoying downtown, and has mixed feelings about the sky cameras.  "I guess it's good in a way, but then is it too much, too much big brother?"

Edwards would not tell us if the cameras are recording.

JSO's "eye in the sky" is helping the already 600 to 800 officers on the street monitor 50,000 to 60,000 people downtown , and more than double those crowds tomorrow.

"If we see something taking place, what we'll do, we'll reach out to the respective commander, who's already on scene at that location and pass that information on to them," Edwards said.
"The cameras are not there to spy on people. They're actually there to make sure everyone is secure."

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