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Teens Getting High on Sonic Drugs

10:36 AM, Nov 4, 2011   |    comments
IDose: Using sounds to get high
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It may sound far-fetched, but websites are selling sonic drugs.
The websites claim that by listening to specific frequencies, you can get the same effect as if you actually took recreational, prescription and hallucinogenic drugs.

Sonic drugs or digital drugs, also known as I-Dosing are available online.

Websites now claim listening to specific sounds can make you feel like you have taken real drugs.  The marketing may look illegal, but it's not.  The packs range from just under $7 to almost $200.  You can buy individual drug doses or buy them bundled, like the Wasted Pack, which promises all the effects of opium, cocaine, and marijuana.

There are more than a thousand YouTube videos of people experimenting with I-Dosing.  Many feature teenagers twitching and screaming... appearing to be spaced out and confused.

Zach, a recovering addict says, "It was weird that I could listen to something and get high."
Zach admits to doing a lot of digital drugs.  He is currently in rehab at Tarzana Treatment Center for his addiction to real drugs. 
Zach says sonic drugs may make teens more inclined to do the real thing saying, "If you do what you want to see what the real feeling is like so you will probably most likely do it."

That's what concerns addictions specialist Dr. Gregory Smith, "It's not like you listen to an I-Dose for crack cocaine and the next day you're smoking a crack pipe, but I do think if you have an impressionable 13 or 14-year-old kid that does an I-Dose it may drop their inhibition if they're presented with the real drug to try it."

I-Dosing is still fairly new, and there are no studies.

Dr. Daniel Amen, a brain imaging expert studied the effects on the brain while one person tried I-Dosing. 
He says, "We could actually see that the IDose was having an effect on the brain.  At times the brain was calmer but at other times it was firing more erratically."
Dr. Amen stresses that every brain will respond differently; but says on this image the theta which is associated with seizure activity went up, and that can be troubling.


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