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Frustration Plagues Woman Trying to Save Middleburg Home

5:32 PM, Nov 4, 2011   |    comments
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MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- Susann Keifer knows she is not alone in trying to save a home. 

The frustration, she said, is thinking you have done everything right to modify a loan and are still denied help.

This week on the First Coast, two major banks, Wells Fargo and Citibank, held daylong opportunities for homeowners to address issues they face with their mortgages. They are the banks' efforts to reach out and help with face-to-face meetings to rework loans if possible.

Keifer said she has been at it for three years to rework the mortgage on the family's four-bedroom Middleburg home that sits on 4 acres of land. Her bank, Bank of America, has rejected a loan modification, she said.

"The first time we applied, my husband did not make enough money. Second time (we were) denied because he found a job making too much money. Third and fourth time, denied in the interest of the investor," said Keifer, with paperwork in her hand.

Realtor Denise Demico, who specializes in handling distressed properties, said once again more foreclosures are on the market and it's challenging for all parties - banks and homeowners.

"I think the banks are overwhelmed. I have not come across one bank not willing to work with someone. I think it's how you angle and tackle working with the banks," said Demico.

Keifer said all she wants is a chance to roll 11 missed payments into a new mortgage. She said a higher monthly payment or extending her current 30-year mortgage are options she sees as viable.

The Middleburg family that learned last month foreclosure is now is a reality has retained an attorney to work with the banks.

"That's the frustrating part. We do everything that they expect us to do and still keep denying us," said Keifer. 

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