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Wife of Jags Owner Reveals Her Good-Hearted Joke

9:01 AM, Dec 1, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE,  Fla. -- For the first time since the big announcement that the Jacksonville Jaguars are being sold, Delores Weaver is talking about her future. 

The wife of owner Wayne Weaver, she said as a fan instead of an owner, the pressure will be relieved.

In fact, Weaver said, she can joke just a bit about it now: When a player drops the ball she doesn't have to say anymore that, "I'm paying you too much," to drop that ball! 

The thought makes her chuckle.  

That's a relief because, after 18 years of living and breathing Jaguars, it's a hard task to pack up an office of memories and leave.

The two spoke at lunch today, Weaver said, about packing up their collections of Jaguar history and turning everything into a museum at some point.

The sale will likely hit her in January, she said. They'll miss the staff and the fans, but Weaver said she's grateful for the support and still believes the Jaguars will make it the Super Bowl.

"We're on the cusp," she said.

Delores Weaver is well-known for her tireless work to help local causes including preventing teen pregnancy and feeding the homeless.

Money from the Weaver Family Foundation and the Jaguars Foundation, plus personal donations from the Weavers themselves, total more than $64 million.

She is especially proud of the news from The Bridge of NE Florida, a youth center which helps promote her belief that children having children is detrimental to teenagers and society.

For girls attending the program at least 60 days, the pregnancy rate is zero, she said.

The Bridge credits the Jaguars' "Straight Talk" program which openly discusses the pitfalls of having sex too early.

Weaver said their foundations will stay on the First Coast and the couple plans to continue living in Jacksonville.

As for the money from the sale?  She said they will never forget building their own financial well-being; as a young married couple, the two would dream of making $10,000 a year. 

Weaver reassured fans that the team will stay put in Jacksonville.  She has not personally met the owner-to-be, Shahid Khan, she said.

The two want to travel and still go to Jags games.

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