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Casey Anthony: My Computer was Hacked

1:25 PM, Jan 11, 2012   |    comments
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    Casey Anthony Sentencing

    Casey Anthony Attorney Baez: 'I Saved a Life' Today | SLIDESHOW

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  • A second Casey Anthony home video diary has found its way online, but the acquitted mother's attorney says he hopes viewers don't try to read into Anthony's statements.

    "I think a person in a position like Casey just wants to have some way of expressing her thoughts," attorney Jose Baez told Geraldo Rivera Monday.

    In hiding since her sensational trial five months ago, Anthony, 25, emerged in a big way last week after a video diary surfaced on YouTube in which she talked about her hopes for the future. The video was believed to have been recorded last October and showed Anthony sporting a new blonde bob and glasses.

    NBC's Mark Potter said on TODAY Tuesday that Anthony had complained of the hacking in a Florida probation report. Anthony is serving out a year's probation for writing bad checks.

    "My computer was recently hacked, private videos that were recorded," she states in the report. And a Florida official wrote, "Offender upset that computer was hacked and videos have been downloaded to YouTube."
    Story: Casey Anthony speaks out for the first time in video diary

    The second video, believed to have been recorded on Christmas day, showed Anthony had changed her locks to red while talking excitedly about her new body piercings. "I just pierced my nose last night...very excited," she says.

    Anthony says "I," "me," "my" and "mine" 40 times in the first video but never mentions her deceased daughter Caylee or the trial that found her not guilty of the baby's murder. Baez said no one should try to read into Anthony's mind.

    Baez told Rivera he is searching for the source of the video leaks and may seek criminal prosecution.
    "She should be able to get on with her life and this is outrageous that this is happening," he said.


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