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Pump Prices Making Economic Conditions More Painful

11:27 PM, Feb 29, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Trying to guess how much you'll pay at the pump these days isn't much fun.

"I betcha it's going to be $60," said Antionette Crawford at the pump.  


"You can leave home in the morning and it's $3.67 and by the time you drive home it's $3.73," she said.  

Crawford goes out of her way to fill up at BJ's Wholesale Club.

The wholesale retailer advertises prices one to two percent cheaper than the local gas station.

"Just in this alone, I've bought two memberships," she said.

The prices Wednesday were within a few cents of gas stations around the corner, but no matter where people were filling up, the price was painful.

"I'll have to work from home or quit work. They won't pay me," said Judy Russ.

Russ fills up her tank twice a week to commute to work, and if prices rise anymore, she said the cost will outweigh her paycheck.

"You spend $120 a week at lunch, then gas, then your clothes for work. It's not worth it," he said.  

"People are having to make sacrifices and cut things out of their budget that they otherwise might not have done," said economist Susan Reilly.

Reilly said the cost is forcing people to alter their daily routine, though not drastically just yet.

Meeting in Riverside Wednesday evening, Park Street was packed with people eating out, hanging out, and yes, driving about.

"It's really hard to put an exact number on what's going to cause massive devastation for the economy," she said.  
















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