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JSO Releases Detailed Report on Episcopal High School Shooting That Killed Head of School Dale Regan

8:53 PM, Apr 20, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Celebration of Dale Regan's Life Today

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Police have released the report detailing the events that led to the shooting death of Episcopal High School Head of School Dale Regan.

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According to the report, Regan was meeting with the school's strength and conditioning coach, Christopher Bland, at the time of the shooting.

Bland detailed the incident to police.

He described being in Regan's office so they could talk about the school and its future when Schumerth came in through the office's side door.

Both looked at Schumerth when he entered the room, and Bland told police that he instantly recognized Schumerth, even though he was wearing black aviator sunglasses.  Bland said Schumerth had a cloth guitar case on his shoulder.

Bland said Schumerth appeared surprised to see him in Regan's office and told police he thought Schumerth may not have expected anyone to be with Regan at the time. 

Schumerth appeared to almost retreat from the room, Bland said, but then Regan asked Schumerth why he was in her office.

"Excuse me!" Bland said Regan stated intially, but Schumerth didn't answer.  Then Bland said Regan continued, "What are you doing?  Can't you see we are in a meeting?"

It's at that point that Bland said Schumerth took the case from his shoulder and unzipped it, eventually revealing an assault weapon that Bland described as an AK-47.

Bland told officers he yelled, "Shane! No! No!" and then exited the room quickly because he was near the door. Bland thought Regan was going to follow him, and he said he left the door open wide enough to allow her room to get out.

As he passed the secretary's office, Bland said he told her to leave.

Once he was outside, Bland said he checked the breezeway to make sure that Schumerth hadn't followed him, before looping back around to the backside of Regan's office.  He hoped to stop Schumerth from potentially harming students, Bland told police.  When he didn't find Schumerth, Bland returned to the school's front office and called 911.

Police determined that there was a table, sofa chair and the chair that Ms. Regan was sitting in between Bland and Schumerth preventing Bland from being able to overpower Schumerth.

It was later determined that Schumerth shot and killed Regan before turning the gun and killing himself.

During his interview, Bland told officers that Schumerth was a bit of an outcast, and said he had always been unsuccessful at trying to make Schumerth feel more comfortable.


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