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City of Jacksonville employees cannot access FSA money from third party

6:36 PM, Jun 4, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- System Failure. That's the message city employees get when they try to use their Flexible Spending Accounts. The accounts contain money that city employees paid into, and then can use for health related expenses.

But right now, they can't use their own money. Some of those FSA checks are bouncing.

EBS Atlanta provides the Flexible Spending Accounts to City of Jacksonville. The EBS guide promises to help participants get, "the most out of your flexible spending accounts."

But now, after what the company is calling a "system failure," employees are not getting anything out of their flexible spending accounts.

The City of Jacksonville first notified all of its employees about this problem on May 25 in an e-mail. It warns, "Please do not attempt to use your Flex Spending card at this time until these issues are resolved by the company."

The city sent out another e-mail to all COJ employees on May 30, warning workers to not attempt to use their own money locked up in these FSA benefits. It stated, "Unfortunately, we continue to have issues with EBS, Atlanta, affecting EBS 'Take Care' debit cards as well as EBS reimbursement checks."

First Coast News contacted EBS on both numbers listed on its website. No one answered at EBS. And, just like its website, not much information on the outgoing voicemail. 

"EBS Atlanta is experiencing a system failure relating to its flexible spending account administration. We are working diligently to resolve this issue and apologize for any inconvenience," the recording stated. FCN left two voicemails.

First Coast News also e-mailed the city requesting an interview with someone in the benefits office who would have the reasons why people are not able to access their own money.

FCN didn't hear back and went to the city's HR office and asked for the director of employee services. A receptionist said Jarik Conrad was not in the office.

As of this evening, First Coast News is still waiting for the city to give an interview and more information. FCN is trying to determine how many people are impacted and how this happened.

The city could also be having a tough time reaching EBS Atlanta. FCN obtained a letter that the city's General Counsel's Office wrote the company, warning legal action if the company doesn't fix the problem.

First Coast News

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