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Kids (and adults) show off their bowties

2:30 PM, Oct 17, 2013   |    comments
  • These two best friends were in a wedding together a few weeks ago. Super adorable, am I right? Submitted By:Angela from: Jacksonville, FL
  • He takes his bow tie, and his sushi, very seriously. Submitted By:Elizabeth from: Jacksonville Beach FL
  • Luke has a dozen bow ties and loves an occasion to wear one. Submitted By:Rhonda from: Jax. Beach FL
  • Good times, good friends, an occasion for a bowtie Submitted By:Rhonda from: Auburn University
  • This is my son Travis when he was about 6 years old. He is 17 now, so this should really embarrass him! Submitted By:Georgia from: Jacksonville, Florida
  • Jett wearing his bowtie.
  • Brande Barlow Ogden Bow Ties for Ken: (L to R) Chris Ogden, Logan Gleaton, Dalton Collins Glynn Academy High School.
  • FCN Digital Director Bill Bortzfield and his son, Richard, watched Ken's bowtie tutorial to learn how to tie a bowtie. You can to! Richard picked up the skill MUCH faster than his dad.
  • As a child, Bradley would ONLY wear bow-ties!! Now a senior at Wolfson High School, it is hard to get him to wear any tie. This is one of our favorite pictures!! Submitted By:R. Hugh from: Jacksonville, FL
  • FCN's Lewis Turner cuts a dashing figure in his bowtie.
  • His beautiful date bought him the Bowtie to match her dress, what a girl! Submitted By:Rhonda from: Jacksonville Beach, Fla.
  • Pierce rocks a bowtie and suspenders at Sean and Kate Leen's wedding. Submitted By:Lauren from: Deercreek Country Club
  • Sophomores from Bishop Kenny strike a pose for Homecoming sporting their bowties! Submitted By:Brooke from: Jacksonville, Florida
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We want you to have some fun with Ken Amaro's Bowtie Classic to benefit Northwest Behavioral Health Services. Have your kids either tie a bowtie or make one by CLICKING HERE.

Kids can either custom color their bowtie printout or cutout one of the pre-colored bowties. Then submit your picture below. We'll feature it on First Coast News.

If you have trouble with the form below, try this page.

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