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A real breakdown of how you can feed your family on $100 a week

6:53 PM, Feb 19, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- First Coast Consumer reporter David Williams spent two hours calculating exactly how a family of four can eat nutritiously for a week on $100. It is very possible.

We took this Sunday's Florida Times-Union and used the coupons and ads inside to make sure our pricing was real and information that would be useful to you.

Here is the full list of products and expenses, along with a real seven-day menu you and your family can prepare realistically for $100 a week.

At $7.79 an hour, that works out to $14.28 a day. This menu is for a family of four consisting of two adults and two children. This menu assumes the children receive free lunch at school

Legend: B= Breakfast

L= Lunch

D= Dinner


B- Pancakes with syrup and Oscar Mayer sausage

L- School lunch for children. Ramen noodles with sausage for parents

D- Spaghetti with sauce. Toast. (1 lb ground beef for family.)


B- Yogurt, Banana, Milk

L- Children, lunch at school. Parents, Ramen noodles

D- Fried chicken (using Krusteaz pancake mix)


B- Biscuits (using Krusteaz pancake mix), Oscar Meyer sausage, Milk

L- Children, Lunch at school. Adults, Ramen noodles with Oscar Mayer sausage

D- Burger Mac (1lb ground beef, a few ounces of Mueller's pasta


B- Yogurt, Banana, Milk

L- Children, Lunch at school. Adults, Ramen Noodle.

D- Ore-Ida Potatoes O'Brien, Bell Peppers (4) (stuffed), 1 pound ground beef.


B- Toast, Oscar Mayer sausage, Milk

L- Children, Lunch at school. Adults, Ramen Noodles.

D- 1 lb ground beef for hamburgers, Ore-Ida sweet potato fries.


B- Cereal, Banana, Milk

L- Fried Bologna Sandwhich, Fruit (Del Monte Jar fruit)

D- Order a $10 pizza, Lettuce with yogurt to create a dressing and salad


B- Cereal, Milk

L- Fried Bologna Sandwich, Fruit (Del Monte Jar fruit)

D- Chicken and dumplings (using meat from a whole or half chicken and Krusteaz pancake mix)


Virtually all of the major surpermarkets had coupons that met the needs of our imaginary family. For this exercise, we went with Publix. It does account for state tax, which would come to roughly $7.50.

Total available spending money = $100

$2.00- Ramen Noodles (12 count)

$4- Krusteaz Pancake or Waffle mix (24-32 oz) (2 for $4)

$2.59- Lite Pancake syrup

$10- Muller Corner Fruit Yogurt (10 for $10)

$10- Oscar Mayer turkey smokes sausage or Polska Kielbasa 14. Oz (5 for $10)

$1.78- 2 Publix brand loaves of bread ($0.89/ea.)

$7.38- 2 gallons of Publix brand milk ($3.69/gallon)

$10- 2 whole chickens

$1.59- 1 dozen eggs

$1.95- 2 packages Mueller's Pasta (BOGO offer for 8-16 oz packages.)

$3.09- 2 bottles Bertolli Pasta Sauce (BOGO offer on assorted variaties, 15-24 oz. Jars.)

$7.98- 2 lbs ground beef (at $3.99/lb)

$7.00- Ore-Ida Potatoes (buy 2, get 1 free offer 16-32oz.)

$0.87- 3lbs bananas at $0.29/lb

$2.49- 1 lb. Red Bell peppers

$4.00- 2 packages of 16.oz Oscar Mayer Turkey Bologna or Turkey Cotto Salami

$5.00- Del Monte Jar fruit Orchard Select 19-20oz. (2 for $5)

$3.00- Box of cereal

$0.75- Head of lettuce

$10- Pizza

First Coast News

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