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Stolen identity, a Baker County man wants his good name back

6:52 PM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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MACCLENNY, Fla. -- Meet Chris Milton, the real Chris Milton who lives hundreds of miles from Upstate New York.

"I have never been to New York," said Milton. 

Milton grew up and lives in Baker County; he has been a few places, Buffalo, New York is not one of them, but his name surfaced there.

"It is not a good feeling," said Milton," you try to live a good life and abide by the law, now I have a criminal record."

In November 2012, his wife's purse was stolen while in Baker County, they reported it to the Sheriff's Office; In December he received collection notices from a hospital in Buffalo, New York for $18,000.

"That kind of send up a red flag," said Milton, a big red flag.

Then Milton discovered that the Buffalo police had arrested the person using his name on drug charges.

"I never had a speeding ticket, citation or anything," said Milton.

Now there's a criminal record in his name containing his date of birth and social security number.

The mild mannered, soft spoken Milton said he's afraid one day he may have to answer for a crime he did not commit. Milton turned to the Baker County Sheriff's office for help.

"I would say Chris is an unlucky guy right now," said Major Gerald Gonzalez.

To help turn his luck around, investigators are turning to social media, Facebook, as part of their effort to catch the person who stole Milton's identity.

"The hope is we can identify this person and clear this up before he cause Mr. Milton further problems," said Gonzalez.

They have posted the suspects picture on Facebook in Buffalo and in Georgia where they think he might be.

"We find everything else out on Facebook," said Gonzalez,"hopefully we can find who this guy is."

So far no hits, but the investigation is ongoing. Milton is hoping that the ID thief is caught soon so that he can restore his good name.

"I never thought it would happen to me." said Milton. Milton said he's afraid that a simple traffic violation could land him in jail because his identity is being abused by someone else.

The FTC reports Florida is number one in ID theft complaints; Jacksonville is eleventh among the largest cities.

To protect yourself check your credit for free at

If you become a victim the FTC said;

A) File a fraud alert with the credit bureaus

B)Get copies of your credit reports

C)File complaint at and with local law enforcement















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