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Famous shark movies

9:00 AM, Aug 12, 2013   |    comments
  • 'Jaws 2' created in 1978 showed a narrow escape from the Great White Shark in a scene from the film. (Photo by Universal/Getty Images)
  • 'Jaws 3-D' used advanced technology in 1983 and required the use of cardboard glasses with red and blue film lenses to get the full effect of the third dimension. (Photo from The Reef [movie] Facebook Page)
  • 'Dinoshark', a 2010 film, is about a fictional shark who terrorizes a Mexican resort with unreal capabilities such as soaring out the water to attack helicopters. (Photo from Dinoshark Facebook Page)
  • '12 Days of Terror', created in 2004, dramatizes the New Jersey shark attacks that took place in 1916, which inspired the novel Jaws and were mentioned in subsequent film. (Photo from 12 days of Terror Facebook Page)
  • 'Deep Blue Sea' was created in 1999 and featured three genetically engineered mako sharks that grew extremely large and violent in the floating research facility, Aquatica. (Photo By Getty Images)
  • 'Sharknado', a 2013 Sci-Fi film, shows a tornado that floods Los Angeles with seawater bursting with sharks who rule the land, sea and air. (Photo from The Reef [movie] Facebook Page)
  • 'Spring Break Shark Attack', made in 2005 shows how college kids on vacation in Florida become hot menu items for these sharks. (Photo from Spring Break Shark Attack Facebook Page)
  • 'Shark Attack 3: Megalodon' was made in 2002 and features an enormous prehistoric shark that shows up in the 21st century to cause terror. (Photo from Shark Attack 3: Megalodon Facebook Page)
  • 'Jaws' was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975 and features a mechanical shark named Bruce. The movie was one of the first 'Summer Blockbuster' films. (Photo by Universal Pictures courtesy of Getty Images)
  • 'Open Water', made in 2004, is based on a true story and used live sharks. The last names of the two scuba divers, Kintner and Watkins, were from the two shark attack victims in 'Jaws'-- Alex Kintner and Chrissie Watkins. (Photo from Facebook Carolina Chinaski)
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Hollywood's portrayal of sharks has shaped people's belief about sharks for over 35 years and, even through all the cinematic fiction, has imbedded a fear of the saltwater animal. Movie creators have produced numerous horror films telling stories of fatal shark attacks in some very unlikely circumstances, but here are the most memorable:

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