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Back-to-School: Shopping for Supplies

8:42 AM, Aug 14, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  There is nothing like a crisp notebook and fresh pencils that signals the start of the school year.

"Getting all my stuff and the clothes and having my list and finding out my teacher, it was really cool," remembers Publix employee Lena Bawli.

To find out how much your school supply list may cost, First Coast News took the lists of basics for primary, intermediate and secondary schools from Duval County Public Schools website to a Publix to see how much it would cost.

Primary school wasn't too bad, the list was fairly short and in the end tallied up to around $15.72.  Of course the higher the grade level, the more the money.  Intermediate totaled up to $36.00.  The cost of a scientific calculator on the secondary school's list pushed its cost up to $57.56.

To save money, look for better deals as the school year gets closer.

"I usually take advantage of it and stock up on enough for a couple of years!," tells grandmother Lanora Martin

She has years of experience back-to-school shopping and even she is surprised by how many things kids are asked to bring to school these days.

"It is still a lot, they ask for hand sanitizer, they ask for school supplies and tissues and things of that nature.  It is a lot of things on the list they have," says Martin.

We also got advice on coupon clipping for school supplies from the

Krazy Coupon Lady. The owners of that site told us, "Parents can save on all things school supplies. No need to pay for Bic pens, Bic whit-out, copy paper or folders. We get all of these free. Just recently Target had a deal on their store brand school supplies. With coupons, seven different Up & Up products were free. Even Crayola releases coupons dropping some of their prices to less than $1. Now is also the time to purchase backpacks and lunch boxes. We see prices for less than $5. During Back-to-School season, you will also find some of the lowest prices on kids' clothing and shoes!"

So deals are out there, just be observant, be organized with your coupons and stock up when you spot a great sale!

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