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Jacksonville woman looks for sister missing since 1972

8:10 PM, Nov 14, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- If you were born in the 1970s you may remember the hottest movie in 1972, it was the Godfather. 1972 was also the year Barbara O'Quinn's sister disappeared.

"It was the day before Mother's Day," said O'Quinn.

O'Quinn said her sister, Judy Lynn Davis, was going to the movies with a friend, but never made it. 

"That night Judy didn't come home," she said. 

O'Quinn says the last time anyone recalls seeing her sister was at the corner of W 60th and Pearl Streets, a few yards from their home.

"It sticks in your mind," she said. "When you see your mom at Mother's day crying it hurts."

O'Quinn said when Judy's birthday came around it was even worse. 

"My mother died never knowing what happened," she said.

Is Judy Davis alive? Is she okay? or worst is she deceased? Questions, so far, without answers. 

"I could die today and not know," said O' Quinn. 

O'Quinn now, 55, is two years younger than her missing sister; she said it affected how she raised her children.

"I don't like to let my grand kids out of my sight," said O'Quinn.

After her sister's disappearance her parents moved to South Carolina. A few years ago her father died, and recently her mom passed away.

This month a South Carolina probate court told O'Quinn she needed to publish a legal notice to the missing heir to bring closure to the probate case.

She needs the help of an attorney to get it done, but the letter has also remind her of the hole in her heart, Judy Lynn Davis. 

"Judy was the pick, that's okay," said O'Quinn. "She could be the pick right now if I could just have her back."

Her parents had six children. 

The last documentation in the JSO missing person case file was 1993; in 2009 a detective tried to reach a family member for a DNA sample with no luck.

But JSO said with the new information an investigator will try again.

Jacksonville attorney Eric Ragatz said his firm will try to help O'Quinn will the publishing of the legal notice to the missing heir, Judy Lynn Davis. 

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