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Taking Inventory of Your Home Before the Storm

6:37 PM, Jun 27, 2007   |    comments
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By Ken Amaro First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- "We're not actually prepared, we've thought about it, but we just haven't done it." Calvin and Maribel Burke are like many First Coast families, complacency has set in. "We have been blessed not to have a hurricane so we don't really think of it as what if," said Maribel. As I spoke with the Burkes, it was clear that they didn't know where to begin. "Is there a specific form we have to fill out or do we just do our own listing?" she asked. Or exactly what their homeowner's insurance covers. "We feel we're fully covered, but we're not sure." Karen Randall Church is with the Department of Financial Services. "We begin with looking at, number one, your insurance policy, making sure you know the name of your agent, how to contact your agent, and how to contact the place." Church says now is the time to review your policy coverage and put together important documents like wills, social security cards, insurance papers, and begin a video inventory of what's inside your home. "When it's time to make a claim for those items that have been damaged or lost, the insurance companies are going to ask you for proof that you actually had those items in your home and then they are going to want to look at the type of item and when it comes down to deciding the cost to replace, it's going to be critical to have that information," said Church. The things you can't replace like photos, put them in a box so you can take them with you if you have to evacuate. Before we left, the Burkes started their video inventory, putting them closer to being prepared for the 2007 hurricane season. Florida Dept. of Financial Services:

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