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Wisconsin ordinance fines parents of bullies

1:55 PM, Jun 6, 2013   |    comments
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MADISON, Wi. --  The anti-bullying epidemic became part of a citywide ordinance in the Madison suburb of Monoma. Parents are held responsible and can now be fined for their children being a bully to others.

The city deems the parents liable for their children's tormenting behavior and police are taking action by issuing tickets to those parents.

Monoma Police Chief Wally Ostrenga stands by the decision, "Sometimes you'll knock on someone's door and they won't want to talk to you. Their kids are perfect; they could never do anything wrong. This is for those times when we get the door slammed in our faces."

A written warning will first be issued to the parents or legal guardians of the bully. An offense after that will result in a $114 fine and the amount increases for further violations at $177 each.

The Monoma municipal code is violated if anyone over the age of 12 is to "intimidate, emotionally abuse, slander, threaten or intimidate another person" without "legitimate purpose".

Ostrenga stated, "You could have a teen bullying someone and they could be subject to prosecution too."

Municipal citations can be issued to anyone who violates the ordinance, irrespective of age.

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