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Mother moose, calf put down after attack

6:36 PM, Jun 7, 2013   |    comments
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GRAND LAKE, Co. -- The woman who was attacked by a moose near Grand Lake on Wednesday is still recovering in the hospital. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says the incident could have been prevented, had the woman listened to her friend.

Parks and Wildlife says the woman went to her friend's home to pick up her dog. According to Parks and Wildlife, the woman's friend urged her to wait since there was a mother Moose and her calf nearby.

Officials say the woman didn't listen and instead walked her large dog within ten feet of the moose. The moose charged the woman and ran over her.

"Moose view dogs as a predator. They don't know the difference between your dog and their natural predator of a wolf so they respond predictably and protect themselves as well as their newborn calves," said Scott Murdoch, with Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

With Colorado's moose population on the rise, Parks and Wildlife says expect to see more of the animals in certain areas like Summit and Grand Counties.

If you encounter a moose, you shouldn't get too close. If for some reason one starts charging at you, run as fast as you can and try to put a barrier between yourself and the animal. The woman injured Wednesday didn't have time. Colorado Parks and Wildlife had to put down the mother moose and her calf.

"It's not really fair to the moose but obviously for public safety it's something we have to do," Murdoch said.

View moose from a safe spot and by all means never bring your dog near one. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says that info will help save your life and the moose as well.


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