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Maine hermit shares story, impresses state trooper

10:04 AM, Apr 25, 2013   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine -- After living 27 years in the woods as the legendary North Pond Hermit, Christopher Knight isn't too keen on speaking with many people as he sits in Kennebec County Jail, awaiting his next court hearing. He is speaking with two people: his attorney and, surprisingly, the woman who arrested him, State Trooper Diane Perkins-Vance.

Trooper Vance says she believes his story 110% and that there's no doubt in her mind that Knight lived in the woods by himself for so many years. She's convinced because of how meticulous Knight kept his camp and how skillful he was at staying alive.

Vance says she is the lead and only investigator on this case and says it's probably the biggest case she will ever have. She's developed a rapport with Knight, visiting him on and off duty to update him on the investigation, hear his story and be his advocate in the outside world.

Trooper Vance says she is pleased to see how well Knight is adjusting to living with others in jail, after 27 years in solitude.

During his years in the woods, Knight's major priority was finding food. He would steal commercial-sized boxes of food, like bacon, from Pine Tree Camp, so there would be more time between burglaries. He would stake out a camp for hours, making sure there were no cars or people around. The ideal conditions for stealing were on rainy nights.

Knight always had a back-up plan, in case conditions got too dangerous to live outdoors alone. Trooper Vance says Knight had a stash of money on him that he could use if worse came to worse. He never needed it.

Vance says Knight told her his dream would be to move past this ordeal and live back in the woods. This time, he would do it right: he would buy some property and live an honest life...alone.


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