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What impact people on the First Coast could see from military action in Syria

5:51 PM, Sep 3, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- The longer any military action in Syria lasts, the more impact people will feel economically on the First Coast.

That's according David Schwam-Baird, a political science professor at UNF.  He's closely watching what's happening overseas.

"We have a lot of interest in that region of the world, including oil and natural fas and other things that are essential to our economy", he said.

The most likely impact will be at the gas pump. Schwam-Baird said it's too soon to know how a long price hike, if there is one, will last.   

"They could spike but then again, it depends on what happens after a strike," Schwam-Baird said.

The professor said it's critical for people to pay attention to what's happening in Syria.

"These things do affect our economy," he added.


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