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A Small Business Owner Sees No Benefit In Jobs Bill

10:14 PM, Sep 14, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Elyk Innovations opened its doors eleven years ago and the owner keeps his finger on the pulse of small business.

"You've got some small businesses that are doing fantastic, you got some that are struggling, you got a whole bunch in the middle," said Joe Lemire.

Lemire's web application design company has three full-time workers and employs five independent contractors and there are no plans to hire.

"Sometimes we're busy, sometimes we're not busy enough. As a small business owner it makes it difficult to plan to hire," said Lemire.

He acknowledged small business in America needs help. He calls the president's American Jobs Act a positive step; it includes tax cuts for businesses.

"Anytime you reduce taxes you create an opportunity to create taxpayers,." he said.

Lemire said while the the Jobs Bill, as the act is called, offers a break on payroll taxes, it won't help his company.

"It is a few percentage points. For a business our size it is not a big incentive for us," said Lemire.


The Jobs Bill also gives businesses tax credits for hiring unemployed veterans, and he said that is a plus.

"Anytime you give an incentive to hire a specific person who might have more difficulty getting hired I think that is a positive thing," said Lemire.

Lemire said looking back over the past couple of years the American economy is improving.

He understands what President Obama's bill is trying to accomplish, but Lemire said what may hamper its effectiveness is a nagging lack of confidence in that improvement.

"I talk to a lot of business owners. It seems like that's a consistency in various industries to where it is consistently inconsistent, where as before you could plan, with the economy is unpredictable." said Lemire.

He believes it would be more effective with companies that have fifty or more employees.



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