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JEA's Billing Cycle Change Surprises Some Customers

5:07 PM, Oct 28, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An e-mail from Roxanne Jardine brought our attention to a change in the JEA's billing cycle.

Jardine received a letter from the utility company telling her that her billing cycle has been changed.

We contacted JEA's spokesperson Gerri Boyce for some answers.

Why the change?

Since January 2010, JEA has been 'balancing' its billing cycle to reduce costs and improve efficiency, and this is the latest change. Customers will notice it in their bills.

What will be accomplished? 

The utility is changing its billing cycle so customers will be billed closer to their actual usage days and timed with other bills produced within their geographical area.

Is this cost effective?

The realignment of meter-read cycles reduces travel time, fuel and vehicle costs, and improves efficiency and manpower deployments.

Who is affected?

The utility has 400,000 customers and the majority are not affected.

Are the changes due to a flawed meter reading system?

No, like other utilities, JEA reviews the efficiency of its systems and processes, and makes change when appropriate.

Is this a one-time change? 

The billing cycle change is a one-time experience. The affected customers will be notified prior to the bill's release and sent a letter with the bill.

What if the change creates financial hardship?

If the adjustment causes a financial hardship, flexible payment terms are available that will allow the customer to pay the bill in installments.

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