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Wells Fargo Bank Offers Help to Homeowners Behind on Mortgage

10:04 PM, Oct 31, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Getting a mortgage loan modification is not easy, but one bank is trying to help its clients this week in a two-day workshop.

Penny Pitts, a self-employed paint contractor, tried for months with her two mortgage companies. "All they did was give me the runaround - document after document and both at the end said no," she said.

Pitts was able to finally get her loan modified through Florida's hardest hit program. "I was approved in September," she said.

Failing to get a mortgage loan modification often leads to foreclosure, but banks are now trying to reach out to customers in trouble.

"Ninety-two percent of our customers are paying on time, but we want to help those who are having trouble," said Michelle Braun, a senior vice president with Wells Fargo Bank.

Braun said Wells Fargo has 5,000 customers in Northeast Florida- Southeast Georgia who are struggling to pay their mortgage.

The bank is holding a two-day home preservation event at the Prime Osborn Convention Center to help those customers.

"Two-thirds of our customers who come to this event will have a positive solution outcome, either a modification or another solution for their mortgage payments," said Braun.

If you're one of Wells Fargo-Wachovia customers, here's what you need to bring to the Prime Osborn event:

1) A letter explaining your situation

2) Your latest tax records.

3) Any other financial records you think will help.

Bank officials said if you don't have it all, don't be discouraged. If you need help, attend the event; one in three will get a positive resolution on location, said Michelle Braun.

"If we can work together to find a solution, it is better for both of us. Banks do not want a foreclosure; we do not want to be in a position to foreclose on anybody's mortgage," she said.

Penny Pitts resolved her mortgage crisis, but wishes her bank had a program like the Wells Fargo event.

She said for a homeowner who has never had a problem paying her mortgage, her attempt to get a loan modification was discouraging, instead of encouraging.

"I work everyday, I can, I get out there. My husband works with me everyday; I just never thought it would be like this," she said.  








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