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Beware of Homewreckers, Termite Season Is Here

9:40 AM, Feb 8, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- If you're going through the woods to an old building, you may find termite damage as we did following entomologist John Cooksey.

"This is termite damage here," said Cooksey pointing a rotten piece of wood.

But experts said you really don't have to look far to find the tiny homewreckers that can eat you out of your home. 

Cooksey is with McCall Service. He said the termite season is here.

"Termites have been really active because we never got a freeze in December," he said.  "They were able to keep going like winter never happened."

Cooksey said termites come in underground and can go for months undetected.

"We've got an expansion joint right here (in the doorway) and they will come in underground and go right into the wood," said Cooksey.

They'll go from the wood right into your home; it is called swarming.

"When you're looking at your home the first thing you'll see, if you have a termite problem, is a huge mass of insects flying out from the colony," said Cooksey.

Insects that look like ants, except they have four wings and the wings are larger than their bodies.

"If there's a problem call a professional. Termites are difficult to treat on your own," said Cooksey.


You may not be able to treat them on your own but you can look for the telltale signs before there's a problem"

-Are there insect wings around the window sill?

-Do you see tracks or mud tunnels along the walls?

-Is there unknown damage to the drywalls in your home?

"Typically it takes a few years for the problem to build up and damage your home, but if you see a problem you need to be concerned," said Cooksey.

The treatment can range from the Sentricon system to  chemicals.

Cooksey said if you live in a brick house you are no more secure than someone living in a house made of wood. 

"Behind the bricks are wood studs and termites will eat those as well," said Cooksey. 
















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