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Customers Complain: "Can't Use TurboTax Prepaid Cards"

6:19 PM, Apr 12, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Intuit, the company that makes TurboTax software says Jacksonville is in the top 20 cities of last-minute filers.

Ironically, some of its customers who filed a return and were given a prepaid card cannot use the card.

Colleen Gatlin said the company has been using the prepaid card four years, but this year there's a problem.

"There has been a rise in identity theft and fraud," said Gatlin.

TurboTax gave customers expecting a refund the choice of  check, direct deposit or a prepaid credit card.

But because of this problem with the prepaid cards, the company is reaching out to those affected by a message on its website.

The recorded message says in part:

"In order to address this, we've increased our processes and improved our communications to you to along the way to ensure legitimate customers get the refunds they deserve "

Gatlin said the company has been responding to the concerns by asking customers to provide more information while the card is on hold.

"If we're unable to verify that information, refunds are sent back to the IRS," said Gatlin.

She said the company has shortened its review process and provided customers with specific instructions to the block on their cards.

CPA Mark Patrick of Patrick and Robinson said this year, there has been a number of problems getting refunds in a timely manner.

"It is industry-wide. We're seeing on the blogs with my colleagues it is happening all over the country, typically one to five per practice," said Patrick. "It is enough to be time consuming for us and aggravating for those who want their refunds."

Patrick said every electronic refund must first be confirmed by the IRS.

He said this tax season, the IRS system is screening diligently for identity theft and that is playing a big part in delayed refunds.

If the return is flagged, the IRS reviews it and that takes time.

"We're hearing it is taking about sixty days to wait for that refund to be processed," said Patrick.

A normal length of time for an tax refund filed electronically is seven to fourteen days.

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