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Arcade, 11-year-old duped by faux Dr. Dre headphones

6:18 PM, Sep 4, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Eleven-year-old Alex Jones can now spot a fake set of Dr. Dre headphones.

"These are the real ones and these are the fake ones," he said, showing the two pairs.

Jones said he would not play the lotto if they were paying with counterfeit dollars. That was his reaction after he discovered he won a pair of 'knockoff' Dr. Dre headphones.

When the headphones broke, he contacted the manufacturer for repair and received the unexpected response. The company said the headphones were fake.

"I was devastated," said Jones.

Mary Harbin, his mother, said the faux phones caught everyone by surprise. 

"I was fooled, I had no idea," said Harbin, "I've never had a pair of Beats before."

Alex won the headphones while playing a game at Latitude 30. He brought it to the arcade and it was replaced it with a real pair.

"When they replaced them, I was happy," said Jones. 

Phil Alia, Latitude 30 chief marketing officer, said they buy their electronics from established businesses like Best Buy; he showed us his purchase list.

This time, they were using a new vendor and they got duped as well. 

"We testing an online distributor," said Alia, "The prices were a little lower, but nothing to raise a flag. We're not working with then any more."

He said they have replaced any item that they thought was suspicious. They want to protect their name.

"We pride ourselves in delivering a phenomenon entertainment product," said Alia.

And now, Jones has a pair of headphones he can really enjoy, and a lesson in consumerism.

"I want to know what I'm getting before I get it," said Jones.

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