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Alvis Spray on coating lifetime warranty out of life

6:34 PM, Sep 6, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In 2005,  Sheree Essary paid Alvis Spray on siding five thousand dollars to paint her home. She was told it would be maintenance free living for a long time.

"I was hoping for at least ten years, fifteen years out of it," she said.

The spray on coating came with a limited lifetime warranty and now that is failing the warranty has become a problem.

"They are no longer in business as far as I can find," said Essary. 

The recent rains, she said, has made it worst.

"It was bubbling in some places," said Essary, "and  it is showing some cracks."

The company's Jacksonville Sunbeam Road office is closed and its North Carolina location is out of business affecting hundreds of customers and there's no one to back the lifetime warranty.

"I have not been able to find another company that will claim it," she said.

Search the internet and you will find blogs with similar complaints from coast to coast.

Essary had confidence in her Limited Lifetime Warranty but now she knows it is not worth the paper it is printed on. 

"I guess it was as long as the company was alive and kicking," said Essary.

Essary reached out to her homeowner's insurance but her claim was denied. A few days her insurance company told her, by letter, to replace the rotting wood or else.

"Now I've got 90 days to get the wood replace or they will cancel my homeowners insurance," she said.

Hard to do she says, when you've been unemployed for the past year.

"So right now I am stuck with a mess," she said.

A check of court records in lawsuits against Alvis Spray on Coating revealed the product may have been made by Tex - Cote, the company is now reviewing its records and will respond accordingly.

Mike Smith with Tex - Cote responded to our inquiries.  He said he has reviewed their records and his company has never done business with Alvis Spray on coating.  Unfortunately, he said, they cannot warranty the work.

First for you:

Avoid lifetime warranties, if you have to pay for them; if they are free, find out if someone else will honor the warranty should the company go out of business.

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