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$4 ticket cost woman her drivers license

7:56 PM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Lorraine Wallace is in a bureaucratic maze and if she wanted to drive her way out, she couldn't.

"It is just frustrating to me," said Wallace.

In August 2011, Wallace was in Ft. Lauderdale and was ticketed for a 'toll by plate violation' a total of $4.25.

"I did not ignore it," she said. 

She paid it in September 2011 and has the canceled check to show.  But the Broward Clerk of Courts did not process the payment right away.

"It did not clear my bank until November," said Wallace. "Why it took so long to to do so?"

She started receiving more notices. On one, the $4 ticket was now up to $52, even though it was paid. Another notice said she had to appear in court.

"This is all after I paid it," she said.

Wallace receives dialysis treatment three days a week and getting in a car to drive to Ft. Lauderdale is not an easy decision.

She said she took a day to drive to the Broward Courts and paid a $46 court cost. Wallace said after waiting in line to see a judge, she was told right case, wrong judge, and she would have to return.

"The judge said 'you'll have to make another trip down here,'" said Wallace.

This past December, she discovered the consequences of her $4 ticket. She tried to renew the registration for her vehicle and was told her driver's license was suspended and nothing can be done until the ticket issue is resolved.

"I couldn't get my car registered," said Wallace, "and I can't get car insurance.

How did this happen? Why is this still a problem after nearly two years? That's what Wallace would like to know.

"I want them to review that because I don't think that it is fair," she said.

The Clerk of Courts Office was closed for the Easter holiday. First Coast News will follow up next week.

The On Your Side team has received a number of complaints from North Florida residents receiving toll tickets. Most have been mistakes.

First for you:

-If you receive a toll ticket, even if it is an error, respond in a timely manner

-Failing to do so can result in higher fines and losing your driver's license.

First Coast News

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