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AT&T refund check confusion causes bank fee

7:18 PM, May 1, 2013   |    comments
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YULEE, Fla. -- For years, David Willis was an AT&T customer. He said when he moved from Jacksonville to Yulee, he canceled his land line service.

"I gave them the new address to forward anything," said Willis.

A few weeks later, the phone company sent him a refund of $5.67 to his old address. Willis notified them and said he waited a few weeks to deposit the check.

"They never at any time told me to not deposit the check," he said. 

When he did the check bounced, AT&T had canceled the check, apparently because of the address issue.

"They never said they're canceling the check we're gonna issue you a new one," he said.

His bank charged him twenty dollars, AT&T reissued the $5.67 refund check, but told Willis he is liable for the $20 fee.

"When you call them they immediately go into, 'well you changed your address and that caused a series of events which meant stopping the check and therefore it is your responsibility,'" said Willis.

Willis still has his re-issued $5.67 refund check but said until the issue over the refund fee is resolved, he's afraid to deposit the check.

"I want the twenty plus what they owed me all in one certified check," he said.

AT&T spokesperson Gretchen Schultz said after AT&T learned of the confusion, the company decided to refund Willis his $20. 

First for you:

With refunds

-Aact fast

-Keep a good relationship with company

-Ask questions if you do not understand the refund policy 

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