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Viewer helps widow who couldn't access husband's savings

8:25 PM, May 9, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- On May 2, Ken Amaro of the On Your Side team came to Julia Bolena's home to help her with a situation: She felt that her bank was being inflexible, and technically it was. That situation hasn't been completely resolved, but Bolena did get a little bit of resolution.

Sixteen months ago, Bolena's husband died. Since then, she has tired to get the balance of his savings, $273.70, and was denied.

"I had his legal will, which was drawn up by a lawyer and everything and took it in there with me with my marriage license and his death certificate and they wouldn't honor the will, but I thought that's what a will was for," she said.

In a written statement, the bank said Bolena's name is not on the account, therefore, she does not have ownership rights to access the funds.

So, a First Coast News viewer decided to give Julia the money: $300 in cash.

Bolena said she is grateful.

"Whoever this was, tell them thanks a million and I appreciate it."

She feels if the bank isn't going to give her what's in her deceased husband's account, then donate it.

Bolena's feelings about the bank hasn't changed much. The donor who gave her the money wanted to remain anonymous. He's an attorney who felt this is the easiest way to go because to take it to court would cost much more.

The point that he wanted to underscore is that if you have a bank account that does not say "payable on death," it is now time to review your personal bank account.

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