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A year later, overgrown ditch still overgrown

8:54 PM, Aug 1, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The City of Jacksonville promised to clean up an overgrown ditch a year ago, but one homeowner said it hasn't happened yet.

Christie Lyons lives in a neighborhood with well maintained yards and she is tired of looking at an overgrown ditch from her front door.

"This is two years worth of growth after asking the city repeatedly to come out and clean their ditch," Lyons said.

Lyons is aware that the city maintains a lot of ditches; about 4,000 miles of ditches according to a city spokesperson. But Lyons said she has been patient with the city

"I would like to see the crew out here cleaning up this hot mess," Lyons said.

Her frustration has been exasperated by what she calls broken promises.

"I'm a little bit irritated, yes sir," she said.

Lyons said she was told summer 2012 she was on the list and the ditch between her home and a retention pond would be cleaned. A year later, it is still the same

"My tax money, part of it goes for this. That is their ditch on my property," she said.

And Lyons said it is out of control and breeding new problems.

"We've had a lot more snakes this year than normal, the flooding, if a child or one of our dogs fall in this I can't imagine what is going to happen."

City spokesperson Debbie Delgado said inmates are scheduled to clean the ditch near Lyons' home in a few months.

She said Public Works has approximately 1,000 active ditch-cleaning issues that they are currently working through and they are aware of this particular ditch.

Delgado said:

Public Works gets to about 200 miles of those ditches a year.

The intensity of rain adds to the time and effort of getting to them done.

The typical turnaround time from the initial report to 630-CITY is approximately six months from initial report.

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