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Neighbors concerned over dead dogs found near roadside in Jacksonville

5:33 PM, Aug 20, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two dogs were found dead next to a road on the Westside Tuesday. People who live in the area tell First Coast News the incident is a concern.

"I'm a dog lover," Said Jerry Pendergress. "I've got a dog."

As a dog lover, it was hard for Pendergrass to see two deceased dogs nearby.

"They look like bulls, Pitbulls," he said as he looked at the dogs.

The canines were lying in the grass not far from Plymouth Street along Lenox Avenue Tuesday morning.

"To see somebody do something like this with a dog is very disturbing," he said.

One of the dogs appeared to have cuts, scars or scratches on it.

"I don't know if the dogs were thrown out or if they were fighting and they were killed, it's hard to tell," Pendergrass explained.

He said he believes the incident points to something larger in the area.

"I think there's a lot of abuse for dogs and cats," he said. "But mostly dogs."

First Coast News was able to flag down a Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer who radioed in and said Animal Control would respond.

FCN called the city's 630-CITY number and reported the incident. The agent said the dogs would be picked up, but it could take up to five days because there is only one person picking up dead animals for the entire city.

The agent said there is no record of dog fighting calls to that area since at least 2006.

Mother of two children, who wanted to go by the name Ms. Houston, wanted her identity hidden. Houston lives nearby.

"For them just to do it like that, it's just wrong," she said.

Though she does not know what happened, the findings concern her.

"It do," Houston said. "Especially with just dumping them out like they don't care. At least bury them."

First For You, if a dead animal is on the city right of way, street or property, it is the city's responsibility.

If the deceased animal is on private property. It is up to you to move the animal onto city property, where the city will pick it up.

You have the option to bury the animal on your property as long as the animal is at least 100 feet from water and at least two feet underground.

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