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David Williams is On Your Side, answering your emails

7:49 PM, Sep 27, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Philips family is concerned about a big sweetgum tree and its top branches. So they hired a tree company to remove it.

"I'm afraid it will either fall on our house or on the neighbor's house," said Mr. Phillips.

JEA spokeswoman, Gerri Boyce, tells FCN, they got a call from the company and a JEA forester went to the home and inspected the tree. OSHA standard is a tree clearance of 10 feet from their lines.

The tree is about 80 feet tall and sits more than 15 feet back from the lines. Though the forester explained why JEA won't trim the branches, they sent someone to the Phillips home to explain why it's the contractor's responsibility.

They'll have to find another licensed and insured contractor.

Thomas, on the Northside, said Comcast changed a home phone number he had for 40 years unexpectedly.

FCN called Comcast and a few hours later a spokesperson said he has his original number back. No word on what happened.

Carleous Brown on the Northside believes the city is responsible for damaged to his driveway.

"It's stressful. Real stressful..." said Brown.

FCN called the city and spokeswoman, Debbie Delgado, said they offered to lay down a lime rock and stone mixture years ago, but he chose not to have it done.

Since FCN called, Delgado says public works is willing to do this for him, free. Brown said he declined the offer.

Allie of St. Augustine said a self-storage facility sold all of her things without calling her.

The manager told FCN her belongings were sold at auction because she broke a signed contract by not paying all the rent due.

The Florida Self-Storage Act says a facility must notify a tenant of lien enforcement by certified mail, with a demand for payment within no less than 14 days, which the manager says they did. Bottom line, read any contract you sign - very carefully.

Mary of St. Augustine says she recently dropped her insured Sprint phone and wants the screen fixed, but is getting the runaround.

A Sprint spokeswoman tells FCN all she has to do is visit a sprint store that fixes screens. The spokesperson says Sprint's insurer covers things like loss, theft damage and mechanical or electrical failure.

I checked the website of the insurer, who also works with several other providers. Depending on the coverage, it cover things like accidental damage including liquid or physical damage.

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