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On Your Side: How to get locked-up dry cleaning

6:31 PM, Oct 15, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- From answering your questions about traffic light synchronization, to getting results with a problematic pothole, the On Your Side team was hard at work getting answers for you on Tuesday.

Clint, in Mandarin, said he has clothes in the alterations side of a dry cleaner on San Jose Boulevard that recently closed it doors.

According to a real estate attorney, here is what you, or anyone in this situation should do:

-Wait and see if the store opens by the 16 when the sign on the door said.

-Call the landlord -- they can force the doors open.

-The owner should have an insurance policy which would cover your garments.


Bonnie on the Southside said she wants the traffic lights along JTB from Philips Highway to Butler Boulevard and Interstate 95 to be synchronized.

Michael Goldman, with the Florida Department of Transportation said the lights were synchronized in the past and a synchronization expert will check the lights this or next week.

The long-term solution is a $78 Million, fly over project that will carry traffic from I-95 south to JTB east and will start in 2015.


Josiephine, in Arlington, wondered why there's a fuel charge on her JEA bill and if it's legal.

JEA spokeswoman, Gerri Boyce, said it's legal and that she is not paying twice. 

Boyce said it's always been part of your electric bill. It's the cost of fuels like coal, and natural gas used to make electricity, that's passed through to customers. 

In 2012, JEA's board voted to lower the fuel rate. Based on the average residential electric consumption, that cost is $54.50.


On Your Side, we saw a crew out fixing what was a paved pothole that formed a small sinkhole on Oak street in Riverside. 

The On Your Side team brought it to the city's attention in August. Tuesday, crews were sawing and digging to figure out what the problem is.

It'll be repaved again once that's done.


Dean in Satsuma, Florida asked how are they going to get the ship that hit the Mathews out when it's repaired?

James Marconi, with Navy Military Sea Lift Command, tells FCN the plan is to move the ship back to Blount Island.

There's just no definitive plan on when or how. That will depend on the final investigation details, repair plan and coordinating with the Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

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