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Residents complain school buses block driveways

7:39 PM, Nov 13, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Louisiana Street is a quiet, narrow, residential two lane roadway that runs from West 4th to the athletic field of Darnell Cookman school of the Medical Arts.

"It has less traffic this time of the day," said Margaret Russ.

Russ has lived in the neighborhood 17 years and said it hasn't been the same since her residential street became the main thoroughfare for buses going to the school.

"Fifty-four buses come down this street in the mornings and in the afternoons," she said.

Russ said the caravan of school buses turns Louisiana street into their nightmare

"They drivers are speeding and we have to holler and tell them to slow the buses down," said Russ. "They park and double park and we cannot get in or out of our driveways."

Wednesday afternoons we watched as the buses showed up, and saw a little bit of the residents concern.

But at no time did the buses block the street, a few driveways were blocked for about twenty minutes.

Russ said what we saw is not the usual, she couldn't explain it, she would like to see the buses move to another location. 

"We have elderly people on the street that are very sickly," said Russ. "Our concern is if we have to call 911 they cannot get to us because of the buses."

It seems like the Duval County School Transportation has heard their voices.

"The buses were moved to Louisiana September 2011," said Tia Ford.

Ford is a spokesperson for the school board.

"The front of the school was being used by parents picking up their kids," said Ford, "we needed to use Louisiana as an alternative for the buses."

Ford said they have now offered a solution and that was instituted on Wednesday afternoon.

The buses will still travel Louisiana but will stage on the school track to avoid a back up and congestion on Louisiana street. She said they will also approach the school in sequence instead of being there all at once. 

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