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Tyler Southern Pleased by Arm Operation

10:05 PM, Sep 22, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Tyler Southern is a veteran in two ways.  He's a marine from Jacksonville who was almost killed in Afghanistan last year when he stepped on an IED.  Now he's a triple amputee.

He's also a veteran at medical procedures and operations.  Last week Tyler had another surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.

Tyler says his index finger was pretty much stuck in a "C-shape."  But doctors were able to straighten out his finger and give him the ability to point again.

PICTURES: Tyler Southern's Procession Home

Tyler will have more plastic surgery. He's anxious for doctors to do, as he calls it, "a tummy tuck" on his arm.  

The explosion almost made him a quad, rather than a triple, amputee. But doctors took tissue from his back and wrapped it around his arm.

The tissue now hangs in a loose flap and actually breaks up a tattoo of a snake on his arm.

A local tattoo artist is promising to fix the ink.  Doctors are hoping to remove the flap of skin.

Meanwhile, Tyler is looking forward to a new pool which will be built behind a house volunteers are constructing for him at no charge in St. Johns County.  Tyler said swimming is part of his therapy and it prevents him from becoming "fat and silly."

PICTURES: Tyler Southern's Home Under Construction

Always quick with a joke, Tyler also said his new home will have a slide out the window straight into the pool.

The new home now has interior walls.  Tyler's new bride, Ashley, says she loves the kitchen and the big walk-in closet.

PICTURES: Tyler and Ashley's Wedding

They're both grateful for help.

If you want to help Tyler and Ashley with furniture for their new house, your donation will be matched by Ashley Furniture Store.

You can send a check to:

Hero's Wedding
c/o Davis Capital
4788 Hodges Blvd.
Suite 201
Jacksonville, Fla. 32224

Troy Davis at Davis Capital Management is the investment expert counseling Tyler and Ashley about their finances.  Davis has opened an account for the newlyweds.

You can pay by credit card or PayPal by clicking on a secure site.  A local IT consulting firm, ACTS, has stepped forward to donate its services for Tyler's financial future.

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