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Alleged Operation Reveal the Deal 'mastermind" fights back

11:14 PM, Mar 14, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Attorney Kelly Mathis has been called the mastermind of the Reveal the Deal Operation.  

Law enforcement says he was the public face of the scheme, as the registered agent of 112 corporations with ties to Allied Veterans.

The charging documents allege he collected $6 million dollars for his part in the scam, but his lawyer said he was just doing his job.

Tonight, he's in prison on a $1 million dollar bond, which his attorney calls outrageous.

Mitch Stone is representing Mathis, and said he has 4 kids, deep ties to Jacksonville, and wants to fight these charges to the end.

He said the last thing his client is, is a mastermind of a criminal gambling ring.

"He would do the things that lawyers have to do to represent their clients and ultimately, he was not involved in their operations, he was not involved from the stand point of profiting from their profits. Like any lawyer, he got a fee. If a person gets in trouble, and has to hire me, they pay me a fee. If these corporations and entities needed help, they paid him and his law firm, and that's really all we're talking about is his legal work," said Stone.

Stone said he is arguing for a lower bond, because Mathis wants to fight the charges til the end.

"We are prepared to argue that this prosecution relies on an opinion. And these machines, which have been described as sweepstakes machines, but under this arrests they've decided that they're really slot machines. so at the end of the day, this is what this lawsuit is about. Are they sweepstakes machines, or are they slot machines. And that's what this court will have to iron out," he said.

Stone filed an emergency order with the courts to get Mathis out of prison. He's arguing that a $1 million dollar bond is unreasonable.

The courts will have to respond by 2 p. m. Friday.

First Coast News will have a crew at the scene, and keep you updated on Facebook and Twitter.

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